If there’s anything we’ve learned so far in 2020, is that the only constant in life is change. As much the world is filled with exquisite wonders to be enjoyed, it also harbours other not so pleasant things, like pickpocketing. Therefore, to ensure we have fun but safe travels it’s important to be conscious and take some steps to help limit risks.

We might not be travelling as much right now, but these tips will help if you’re moving around locally or for future international trips.


Our bags need to mean business nowadays. When travelling, an appropriate carrier for all your personal belongings is a must have. At ALPAKA, we understand the cruciality of this notion. That’s why we have a range of anti-theft bags with theft-deterrent features. The built-in technology safeguards your possessions against nefarious pickpockets who lurk around tourist attractions. Moreover, the clever compartment system means you can tuck away all your valuables.


This may seem like an obvious one but it’s a quintessential piece of advice we neglect time and again. Here are some examples of easy guidelines you can follow:

  • Fasten all your bags, purses, wallets, and cases securely.
  • Never leave personal possessions unattended or hanging out of pockets.
  • Think of hygiene- wash your hands routinely, carry sanitizer, a mask, etc.
  • If you’re traveling it’s a good idea to purchase a first aid kit or at least, basic medication (painkillers, Dioralyte, allergy pills, etc.).
  • Keep a filtered water bottle on you so that you can stay safely hydrated.
  • Don’t stray from where you know on your own in an unknown place.


A major reason we let our guards down is that we become bored and hence, sloppy with our security.  People go wandering aimlessly through aisles leaving bags unattended or drifting in and out of shops with no real reason.  To reduce risks of theft or misplacing your items you could:

  • Have an airport plan- schedule in dinning time, have one person shop whilst another watches the bags, decide what time you’ll head to the gate etc.
  • Buy a phone stand so that you can pitch a spot and relax with some YouTube videos as you await your boarding call.


Whether you’re 6ft tall, a bodybuilder, top athlete or savvy city navigator, NO ONE is unsusceptible to night time perils. Every area, of every city, of every country, has its sketchier parts and they tend to be even shadier at night. So, always be smart! Remember:

  • To keep to well-lit main roads should you find yourself walking back alone, although, always try and stick together in groups.
  • Don’t get into an unlicensed taxi.
  • To make a note of or carry the card of your accommodation.
  • Don’t take out large amounts of cash.
  • To keep you bags and valuables extra close.
  • To never ever leave children on their own anywhere.

All in all, respect the safety and do what you can to eliminate the chances of mishaps. It can be as simple as having a robust, high-quality backpack and sling bag, renting that safe, being aware of your surroundings, and following regulations. You don’t have to be ridiculously reckless to have a blast. Really, quite the opposite. You’ll have the most carefree fun when you know that you’ve done everything to keep yourself safe and well. From everyone at ALPAKA, we wish you happy, healthy, and secure future travels!


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